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BlueLaVaMedia has the staff, experience, and technological expertise to help you stay ahead and look your best in today’s market. Our POWERFUL MARKETING TOOLS and 360 Interactive Virtual Tours will put your business in front of more customers than ever before.

Making the decision to choose BlueLaVaMedia to drive your marketing or enhance your website is making an intelligent business decision. With over 9 years of Internet savvy and over 35 years of professional photography expertise, our customers get the very best.

Let’s Get Started!

Placing an order with BlueLaVaMedia is made easy with our secure online pay pal shopping cart solution. Pay Pal membership is not necessary to place an order.

Simply add one of our BlueLaVaMedia Commercial & Business Tours or HD V-Slides to your cart with any other virtual tour add-ons you would like to acquire from us. When you are finished simply proceed to checkout.

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Once you have submitted your payment kindly fill out our “Virtual Tour Details” form located HERE.

We will contact you immediately thereafter to setup and schedule your business and commercial and business virtual tour.

Commercial & Business Virtual Tours:
BlueLaVaMedia interactive 360 virtual tours are loaded with great features that will drive more traffic and referrals through your front door.

All Business Virtual Tours Include:
360 interactive panoramic images
High resolution still images
Custom hot spots for navigation
Custom branded virtual tour window
Company contact information
Weekly virtual tour traffic reports
On demand virtual tour traffic reports
Posting of virtual tour to your website
Posting of virtual tour to other sites
Slide show feature enabled on tour
Download tour enabled for offline view
Email tour enabled for online sharing
Google map and satellite view enabled
One year of virtual tour hosting*
20% Off annual tour image updates**
FREE Image editing and enhancements
FREE Unlimited text updates on tour
FREE CD with high-res images for print
FREE virtual tour music enabled

*A fee of $39.00 is billed annually and includes hosting, photography discounts and free textual tour updates for 1 additional year.

**BlueLaVaMedia will update two or more scenes and any snapshots within your business virtual tour at a discounted rate of 20% off normal virtual tour scene pricing and snap shot pricing. Elevated and night shots not included.

If we don’t have listed what you need please call for a custom quote!!

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Virtual Tour Package

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Virtual Tour Package

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Aerial Drone Marketing Package

Now Only $750

We’re proud to be 100% FAA Approved and ready to fly. BlueLaVaMedia has two licensed pilots on staff and three registered drones. We’re ready to add our new Aerial Drone Marketing Package to any of your professional photography sessions for only $750!

You get up to sixty seconds of full motion HD video and up to ten HD still aerial images. Both will be incorporated into your BlueLaVaMedia interactive media presentation.

100% FAA Compliant & Certified

Exemption Number: 13680
Docket Number: FAA-2015-3355
Issued: Nov 18, 2015
Registered Drones – N357BL – N357JL

Highly Recommended

Additional 15 Seconds

AstroZoom $50.00

BlueLaVaMedia’s AstroZoom feature is the most amazing feature that we’ve come up with yet. Now for only $50.00 we’ll make a custom video production that will slowly zoom in on your business from space. Yes…From Outer Space! See a sample at

Highly Recommended
Full Motion Ground Level Video $75.00 Per Minute

The new powerful BlueLaVa Fusion system is fully capable of streaming full motion video directly into your virtual tours igniting them into an interactive virtual media presentation.

Video enabled tours showcase your business better than ever before, especially if you have special features about your business that are captured best by video.

Highly Recommended

Night Shots $100.00

Night, twilight and sunset photographs really make any business stand out from others online. Destinations simply look better in the evening and have a warming glow to them. You will simply love the magical and enchanting effect of Jim Blue’s evening lens.

Highly Recommended

Business Exposure Engine* $100.00

It is well known in marketing that the more eyes on your business the better off you are and the faster word will spread about your offering.

Let our weekly hit reports prove the kind of traffic your business website and virtual tour will get when we add you to the nation’s top listing sites such as Craigslist, Oodle, YouTube and more! We even go so far as to update your listings on those sites every two weeks to make sure you appear at the top of the search results.

*A fee of $100.00 is billed annually and includes Exposure Engine maintenance and updates for 1 additional year.

Highly Recommended

Owner Voiceovers $50.00

The BlueLaVaMedia voiceover system is a great way to personalize your interactive virtual tour and further sell yourself to the community. Place your order and call 231-941-1360. Leave a message about your business on our system and we’ll link it directly to your virtual tour!


Single Business Website* $50.00

This is the perfect solution for business owners who don’t have a website just yet. The single business website is registered and maintained by BlueLaVaMedia. Visitors are directed to your interactive virtual tour as your site.

*A fee of $20.00 is billed annually for site hosting and renewal.


BlueLaVa Business & Commercial Snaps $50.00

A BlueLaVaMedia interactive virtual tour is not complete without ordering one of our Snap Packs. These beautiful high resolution snapshots of your business are built into our virtual tours and also burned onto a CD for you to use in your future print and marketing campaigns.

Each Snap Pack comes with five still images. Order as many as you need to complete your virtual tour.

Snap Pack
5 Snaps

Additional Year of Hosting $39.00

Your BlueLaVaMedia virtual tour will remain securely stored on our servers in Dallas, TX for a period of one year from your initial virtual tour delivery date. We charge a nominal fee of $39.00 annually to keep your virtual tour up and running.

Required Annually



Commercial Green Up $75.00

Purchase a Full Service BlueLaVaMedia Green Up and we’ll return to your business when conditions are perfect to reshoot your outside and or out-dated shots.

Our Green Up services are ideal for those who market with virtual tours year round and for those just finishing up a remodeling project.

Green-Ups do not include updates to our Exposure Engine


Our BlueLaVa mini tour discs are a great way for you to showcase your business offline. ONLY $2.00 EACH!

We build a nice presentation for you and our Tour Discs will ‘autorun’ on any PC based computer.

If you need a different quantity that is displayed to the right please call for a quote.

Highly Recommended
10 Pack
$20.00 + Tax
(No Custom Label)

30 Pack
$60.00 + Tax
(No Custom Label)

60 Pack
$120.00 + Tax
(No Custom Label)